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Michele Marcoux

Administration Manager
Screen Academy Scotland

After a career as a web designer and web project manager for agencies in Scotland and London, Michele joined Screen Academy Scotland In 2006 as Administration and Marketing Manager. She is responsible for all aspects of Administration, Marketing and Comms with a particular focus on the web and social media. Michele is also a practicing visual artist who shows regularly in Scotland and beyond (

Originally, from the USA Michele lived in New York City where she worked as an artist and jewellery maker leaving in the 1990’s to live on a sheep farm in Angus. From here she continued to run her jewellery company as a wholesale and craft business in the Scottish Highlands. Her work sold in galleries and shops across the US and UK including at Barney’s New York in Manhattan, Macy’s in San Francisco and the Royal Academy in London. In 2000 Michele retrained as a web designer and worked as a web producer then Account Director on major clients including William Grant, Unilever and Channel 4 before coming to Screen Academy Scotland.

Michele did a liberal arts degree at Bennington College, Bennington Vermont and then the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia where she gained a BA in Fine Art (cum laude). In 2016 Michele graduated with Distinction from Glasgow School of Art with a Masters of Letters in Fine Art Practice.

How does the trace memory of one thing flow into another and form the path that we follow? In an age of visual and material overload, how do we invent ourselves, and our histories? I am interested in how we use material culture (our STUFF) to try to find fixity and permanence in our lives. Using a range of formal approaches my work, which seeks to map these non-linear narratives, occupies the boundary between painting, sculpture and installation.

Originally from the Midwest of the United States I have lived in Scotland since the 90's and, having taken the test, am now a UK citizen. As a transplant I have found delight but also intense confusion in adapting to my new country. Viewing the past, which for me literally is another country, I, like many migrants, have a tendency to nostalgic - even sentimental - interpretations. Something my creative practice is a means to question and interrogate. Also an identical twin - someone who has been confused from birth with someone else - I am sceptical of identity which I consider to be a rather fluid thing.

The past, our history, who we are; these are stories we tell ourselves.


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