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Sean Hind
MA Film, Production
Edinburgh Napier
United Kingdom

Sean has been working full-time as an AD since finishing the MA Film course in September 2016, working on feature films, TV dramas and commercials. He has just finished working on Tim Burton’s new film Dumbo in London and is currently employed as a 3rd Assistant Director on an Amazon Original series called Patriot which is shooting its second season in Paris. He intends to carry on in the AD department hoping to become a 1st Assistant Director one day.

"I wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for the MA Film course at the Screen Academy. Through contacts I made while studying I have been able to pursue a career as an Assistant Director. If future students approach the course in the right way then they can take full advantage of all the options that become available. I learned the basics of AD’ing while on the course from class exercises and from working on short films outside of the curriculum. The MA Film course also allows you to collaborate with other filmmakers in Scotland and therefore you can leave the course being part of the local filmmaking community.

I recommend the MA Film course to anyone seeking a career in Film and TV. I learned that the most important thing is to be pro-active, make contacts and open yourself up to new experiences within filmmaking. The more you know the more you can be of use on a shoot"