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Creative Skillset funding for freelancers training
NB: Please be aware that it takes time to apply for funding.  

The Creative Skillset Film Skills Fund is the largest fund in the UK dedicated to supporting film-specific training. You can benefit directly through funding for training - grants of money towards the costs of courses.

Eligibility and application information is now available at

Individual bursaries for freelancers in Film 
Priority areas for release 1

Craft & Technical
H&S bursaries
International Scholarships

Individual bursaries for freelancers in TV 
Priority areas for release 1

Data wranglers / DITs
Sound (to include e.g. sound recordists / dubbing mixers and R-128 loudness specification )
Production Management (to include training to be production co-ordinators, production co-ordinators moving up to production management)

Screen Academy courses eligible under Film Craft & Technical and TV Data wranglers/ DITs:

  • The Role of the DIT
  • Advanced DIT
  • Digital Workflows –(under Film Craft and Technical for individuals working in the camera department only – This is because Camera is one of Creative Skillset's priority areas under the Film Craft & Technical scheme) 
  • Eligible TV Sound – Avid Pro Tools 101, 110, 130, 201, 210P
  • Eligible TV Production Management – Movie Magic Scheduling and Budgeting   Managing safety in film & tv productions
  • Individual bursaries for freelancers in Radio 

Priority areas for release 1

Craft and technical skills, including those related to the use of online / social media and digital platform technology
Business, team working and management skills

Individual Learner Accounts (ILA)

Following an announcement by the Scottish Government on 15th May 2012 we can now inform you of the changes to learner eligibility for ILA Scotland funding and the administration of the scheme – these changes come into effect on 1 July 2012.

To ensure effective targeting of resources the eligibility criteria for ILA Scotland funding has been refined.

Current eligibility criteria for ILA Scotland account applications:
- must be 16 years old or over
- must be ordinarily resident in Scotland
- must have an income of £22,000 a year or less, or in receipt of benefits.

Additional criteria to be applied to applicants as of 1 July 2012:
- must not hold a UK degree (or overseas equivalent)
- must not be undertaking any form of full-time or part-time secondary, further or higher education
- must not be participating on any National Training Programme (Modern Apprenticeships, Get Ready for Work or Training for Work).

These additional eligibility criteria signal a strengthened commitment to provide greatest support to those most in need – those who are low paid and who have a low skills base.

All account applications and account renewals received on or after 1 July 2012 will be assessed under these new additional criteria.

If you qualify you could get £200 towards the cost of your fees with an ILA account.  For more information visit their website, or call 0808 100 1090.

Once your ILA a/c number is issued and active you can use it to pay for your course. Simply supply your ILA account number on the booking form and pay any balance by cheque or credit card.

We will then book you onto the course and ILA Scotland will send you a voucher (usually worth £200) to pay toward your remaining fees.  NB:  you must sign and return the voucher to us in order to complete the payment of your fees before the start date of the course

£500 accounts may be available if you are studying a part-time higher education or professional qualification course such as a Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) Higher National Certificate (HNC), Higher National Diploma (HND) or a Degree. To find out more click here.

Skills Development Scotland - Funding extended to March 2013

Businesses and Freelancers could get £500 with SDS Flexible Funding.  For more information please visit their website, or call 0800 783 6000:

The following courses are approved for funding through this scheme:

  • Apple Final Cut Pro 101: Introduction to Final Cut Pro
  • Apple Final Cut Pro - 300
  • Apple Color 101: Introduction to Color ‘Rookie’
  • Avid Pro Tools 101 - Introduction to Pro Tools
  • AVID Pro Tools 110 Pro Tools Production 1
  • AVID Pro Tools 130 - Pro Tools - Game Audio
  • AVID Pro Tools 201 - Pro Tools Production II
  • AVID Pro Tools 210P- Post Production Techniques
  • Movie Magic - Scheduling and Budgeting
  • Introduction to Multiplatform for Media Professionals – Online
  • 3D and the role of the Stereographer
  • Digital SLR filmmaking techniques
  • Tapeless and the role of the DIT
  • Writers Factory: Intro to Screenwriting (22weeks)
  • Writers’ Factory Intro to Screenwriting – EXPRESS!
  • Writers Factory: Intermediate Screenwriting
  • Writers Factory: Feature Film Course
  • Online Feature Film

Career Development Loans

A Professional and Career Development Loan is a bank loan, from £300-£10,000. Once you’ve stopped studying, you pay it back in the normal way.  For more information visit their website: Direct Gov or call 0800 100 900