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Colleen Laeger
MA Screenwriting
Edinburgh Napier

Colleen came to Scotland in 2015 from the USA to do an MA in Screenwriting at Screen Academy Scotland. She is currently based in Los Angeles California.

I always knew I wanted to continue my training in screenwriting, but I hadn't quite found my place. Once I arrived at Edinburgh Napier, I immediately felt that I was home. The guidance from James Mavor, Nigel Smith, and the rest of the guests and advisors gave me this unknown depth of understanding about screenwriting. I grew as a writer and a person. I was challenged in my ideas of how a story can be told and the stories I could tell. My fellow classmates and I became a little family. We supported each other and challenged each other. My heart will always be in Edinburgh, but after graduation, I knew I had to move back to the States.

After moving to Los Angeles, I submitted my final from Napier to the Shore Scripts Competition, it placed in the semi-finals. I interned at a cinema magazine and then quickly started working at Studio School, Los Angeles. Formerly Relativity School, this film and performing arts college is based inside Los Angeles Center Studios, a 20-acre studio lot. I started as a receptionist but moved up to Academic Coordinator. Similar to my experiences at Napier, my co-workers at Studio School are some of the most creative people I know.

Alongside working at Studio School, I formed a partnership with two other experienced women in the film industry and we’re creating our first short film as a team. Our goal is to tell stories that are centred around women, their struggles, and triumphs. I would not have the courage to push myself in Los Angeles if it weren’t for my training and guidance at Screen Academy Scotland at Edinburgh Napier.

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