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Anna Kumacheva
MA Screenwriting
Edinburgh Napier

Anna Kumacheva came to Scotland from Russia in 2015 to study the MA Screenwriting at Screen Academy. She is currently based in Russia but returns to the UK frequently.

Since graduation Anna has produced 4 short films (3 of them from her own scripts) for Scottish, Russian/British, British and Russian productions. Three of them are in post-production now and one (Tomorrow) is on the festival circuit, and was premiered in Scotland this summer. She helped to organise the Edinburgh Short Film Festival and Short Film Pitch Competition 2016 & 2017 and attended London SW Festival as part of her role.

Anna is currently working on her feature project (a loose modern day adaptation of Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment), as well as developing biographical TV series for one of Russia’s TV channels, writing/producing a web-series and writing a book.

Anna is also doing academic research on cultural adaptation in Film and was recently accepted to 3 British Universities for PhD study.
In January, Anna will launch an Online Screenwriting School for Russian screenwriters. Anna writes and produces under her pen-name Enni Red.

She says of the MA Screenwriting: 
"The year spent at Screen Academy was the greatest creative experience in my life. I am highly grateful to everyone I met thanks to this Masters course: people who taught me, criticized me and supported me. Many projects I am working on now wouldn't be possible without all the knowledge I got at Screen Academy. Having been excepted to different writing courses in three UK Universities I made the right choice where to do a Masters course."